Green Efforts

Stainless Steel Coatings, Inc.–makers of STEEL-IT–is firmly committed to environmental stewardship.

From how we make our paint to how we care for the lands and wildlife in our community, we take pride in our role in preserving the environment for the future.

Our Very Own National Wildlife Habitat

In 2014, Stainless Steel Coatings, Inc. established a National Wildlife Habitat on our property in Lancaster, Massachusetts through the National Wildlife Foundation’s National Wildlife Habitat Program. The program allows private land to be designated as a National Wildlife Habitat through a commitment to establishing and maintaining certain conditions hospitable to local wildlife and their young. Today, if you enter the woods behind our parking lot, you are likely to see chipmunks, squirrels, raccoons, rabbits, deer, many species of birds, and more.

A Commitment to Environmental Stewardship

At Stainless Steel Coatings, Inc. we constantly strive to make STEEL-IT as environmentally friendly as possible. Our efforts to reduce use of volatile organic compounds and other toxic agents in our manufacturing process, as well as in our final product, were recently recognized by the State of Massachusetts through the Toxics Use Reduction Institute at the University of Massachusetts. Stainless Steel Coatings, Inc. is the proud recipient of the TURA award for having reduced the use of xylenes and eliminated the use of hexavalent chromium in manufacturing STEEL-IT.

Additional accomplishments include enhancing our energy efficiency to reduce energy costs by 20-25%. To reduce excess packaging material that ultimately would end up in the waste stream, SSC uses specially designed shipping boxes that keep the product secure without the need for a large amount of packaging plastic, foam, or absorbent material.

In 2014 and 2015, the green improvements instituted at SCC have resulted in:

  • 14,500 pounds of CO2 saved per year
  • At least 57% removal of xylene
  • 52% less hazardous waste production
  • 20-25% cost savings from improvements in efficiency of energy usage

Green Plans for the Future

As SSC grows, our plans include a new green roof, as well as new formulations of STEEL-IT that could reduce our already low VOC levels by as much as 80% compared to existing formulations.

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